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Foot Conditions

A foot care plan ensures that the foot condition improves, wherever possible, after treatment, especially if ongoing visits are required,(ie patients that have long term health problems such as Cardio Vascular Disease, Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis etc are more likely to need on going foot care).


Corns form when the pressure or friction on an area skin is very localised, causing the skin to over-harden considerably compared to the skin around it. People describing the sensation caused by a corn will often say it’s like walking on a stone. They can form almost anywhere on the foot but are usually; on the top, the ends or in-between the toes, under the foot, or under the toenails. 



Calluses are thick, hardened layers of skin which grow when your skin attempts to protect itself from pressure and friction, they can become painful if not treated correctly.

Athlete's foot

Athlete’s Foot, also known as tinea pedis, is a common skin disease of the foot brought on by a fungal infection. Signs and symptoms can include scaling, itching, redness and breaking of the skin. Athlete’s foot can infect any portion of the foot, but most frequently develops between the toes.

Ingrown toenails

Ingrown Toenails

If a nail has ingrown then it has punctured the skin at the side of the toe, the toe will be infected, inflamed and extremely painful to touch, it will required careful removal by a skilled and experienced clinician. 

Diabetic Footcare

When dealing with diabetics, there are many things we will consider while treating a patient. Poor circulation & neuropathy (a lack of, or altered sense of perception/sensation), being the most important.

diabetic foot care

About us

All our instruments are sterilised by autoclaving and in the case of home visits, placed in sealed pouches ready for individual use.

We make bespoke toe lifts and separators using felts, foam and or silicone Duo 10 and stock a range of footcare and Podiatry supplies ie medicaments and paddings for purchase.

Prescribed simple orthotics that actually fit into most shoes including ones with medium heels!

We also sell the most stretchy, comfortable loose top socks for just £2 per pair. They will fit most swollen feet, available for men and women in a variety of colours.

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